Oh my friends. 

Who here is obsessed with Joanna and Chip Gaines and feel the need to shiplap everything? 

Me you said? 

Oh yea, you’re so right. 

So, I bet you can imagine my husband’s surprise when I told him that I wanted to shiplap the stairway as our fun “New Years Eve” project! Ha! He’s such a good sport.

I’m going to let you see the finished product and then show you all the steps we took to get there!

It’s nothing but love over here!

So, off to General Materials I go to purchase some sheets of plywood. Thankfully, they have a super cool cutter machine (um, I am not a technical person) but they were able to rip the boards into 6 inch strips for me. Since we were doing the stairs and there were lots of weird and odd angles, I had them ripped in 6 inch strips in both directions.

Brought those bad boys home and it was time to get started!!!

First thing first…safety glasses! Emryk always checks to make sure dad is being careful 🙂

We then started at the bottom and worked our way up the wall, using a nickel for proper spacing between the boards. It’s important to note here that you will want to sand the edges before nailing them to the wall if you want them smoother looking. 

And on and on the process went. 

Emryk, dad’s big helper, made sure he had his glasses on as well. 

Once the boards were hung on the wall, I busted out my PAINTABLE CAULK (Important word, PAINTABLE) and caulked all of the nail holes. This seemed to take forever, however, that’s because my husband is a nail happy fool. Give a man a nail gun and it’s like you’ve given him all the power he’ll ever need. HA!

Once the caulk had dried, I decided to paint the ship lap BM White Dove. It’s warm and looks WONDERFUL with our Revere Pewter walls. 

I am so, so happy with how this turned out!!!

What could complete a shiplap stair case other than a gallery wall, right? Maybe I’m a little extreme, but I have a huge love for a big old collection of all things great. I love to mix pictures with metal with wood with words. It’s a beautiful, beautiful thing. 

Our fixer upper is coming right along. I love it more everyday.

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