My daughter has always been obsessed with horses. Always. So a few years ago when she started riding lessons, I had no idea where we would be today.

Maddie with Charlie (left) and Murphy (right)
Spring 2019.

We spent the first year leasing and bought Moe…Maddie’s first true love. This white appy was her best friend, her tear catcher, her everything. He was the best at playing dress up and packed Maddie around her first year of showing like a boss.

Moe and Maddie as Rainbow Bright
Oct 2016

She eventually outgrew Moe and we sold him back to his original owner, but we still say someday when Jen is done, he will come back and retire with us.

We then added Charlie to our herd. He was a been there done that show horse who helped Maddie gain her confidence and composure. He was also a gentle giant who helped her learn how to use spurs, always having patience and forgiving. Once we realized that Charlie was needing more of a walk/trot show home, we decided to keep him for the littles and Maddie moved on to her next project.

Emryk and Charlie at Cowboy Christmas
Nov 2018

Maddie then made some pretty big goals of buying an unfinished horse and learning about training and finishing it herself. Enter Murphy. Cute little APHA/AQHA horse that was 5 but acted 2. HAHA. However. They’ve been a team for the past year and have had some great success and lots of struggles…but I’m proud that they are still plugging away.

Maddie and Murphy
May 2019

Well. After boarding our horses for 2 years, we finally this summer were able to bring them HOME! We get to wake up everyday and see them right outside instead of driving 20 minutes to get to them. It’s been amazing! We look forward to growing our herd and our small family farm! Look how happy they look!

Charlie and Jude
June 2019

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