Living in Michigan has its ups and downs. We mostly complain and whine how cold we are 8/12 months of the year, however we live for sweet summertime here. Summer and fall in Michigan are the BEST.

One of our favorite things about living here are the lakes and fresh water! Michigan is known for it’s great lakes bordering the mitten, and the sugar sand beaches are the best!

Yesterday, we had our 3rd annual beach trip with our good friends the Bamford’s. It always starts with the beach and ends up with a sleep over! We went to a new beach this year however, because rain has literally made our normal beach non existent. Let me tell you. Pier Marquette did not disappoint!

They had a brand new playground, beach volleyball, the cutest food truck and bathrooms! We also had perfect weather with sunny skies and a nice breeze to keep us cool! We can not wait to go back and visit again!

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